Thursday, May 4, 2017

Planting by the Moon Signs

Hi Friends!

It's that wonderful time of year when we can finally get outside, rake out our gardens and think about what we are going to plant. Every year it's so joyful to be able to spot a sale and come home laden with colorful 6-packs of flowers!

I'm not one of those folks who insists on buying only from nurseries -- I'm really happy when my local grocery store has plants outside on sale for 3 for $10!  I work them into my budget, getting only a few at a time, which also gives me not too much work ahead as far as planting goes.  Since I get them before I get my groceries, if I have to forego the toilet paper or toothpaste, oh well (JUST KIDDING!!).  But you get my point, right?  With just a little bit of adjustment, you can afford to fill your yard with flowers, a bit at a time.

But wait!!  Speaking of planting, BEFORE you plant this year, would you like to learn how to plant by the signs of the moon?

I'll explain more as we go along, but for now, I'll just tell you a bit.  Years ago, before the advent of technology, everyone used to plant (and do most everything) according to the signs of the moon.  My mother, who at the age of 86 still has beautiful, thick, blonde (ahem!) hair, has always said that her father (my Nonno), would never allow my grandmother to cut her hair unless it was a new moon - in his thick Italian accent he would say, "maakes her haier grrow niice and theeck"!  He had beautiful hair until the day he died at 88 and my mom's hair, as I said, is gorgeous at 86.  (Why she never has gone grey, I can't imagine ... 😉) 

Back to planting!  If you want to plant when the old timers would plant, according to the best time when the ground is ready and just itching to be planted, wait until this May 9 this year to put in your above-ground annuals.  The moon will be in Scorpio, which is a water-sign.  Whether it looks it or not, there is more water near the surface of the soil during the earth and water signs.  The soil is more fertile, more able to nourish seeds and plants.

Scorpio2.jpg    Scorpio.svg  I don't want to disappoint you, but you won't find me getting into how the signs of the Zodiac affect personalities, etc.  That's not my shtick.  Gotta go somewhere else for that!  

More to come on planting by the signs of the Moon...Stay tuned!  (Click "follow" ... if you can figure out how to do that!)