Thursday, May 4, 2017

Planting by the Moon Signs

Hi Friends!

It's that wonderful time of year when we can finally get outside, rake out our gardens and think about what we are going to plant. Every year it's so joyful to be able to spot a sale and come home laden with colorful 6-packs of flowers!

I'm not one of those folks who insists on buying only from nurseries -- I'm really happy when my local grocery store has plants outside on sale for 3 for $10!  I work them into my budget, getting only a few at a time, which also gives me not too much work ahead as far as planting goes.  Since I get them before I get my groceries, if I have to forego the toilet paper or toothpaste, oh well (JUST KIDDING!!).  But you get my point, right?  With just a little bit of adjustment, you can afford to fill your yard with flowers, a bit at a time.

But wait!!  Speaking of planting, BEFORE you plant this year, would you like to learn how to plant by the signs of the moon?

I'll explain more as we go along, but for now, I'll just tell you a bit.  Years ago, before the advent of technology, everyone used to plant (and do most everything) according to the signs of the moon.  My mother, who at the age of 86 still has beautiful, thick, blonde (ahem!) hair, has always said that her father (my Nonno), would never allow my grandmother to cut her hair unless it was a new moon - in his thick Italian accent he would say, "maakes her haier grrow niice and theeck"!  He had beautiful hair until the day he died at 88 and my mom's hair, as I said, is gorgeous at 86.  (Why she never has gone grey, I can't imagine ... 😉) 

Back to planting!  If you want to plant when the old timers would plant, according to the best time when the ground is ready and just itching to be planted, wait until this May 9 this year to put in your above-ground annuals.  The moon will be in Scorpio, which is a water-sign.  Whether it looks it or not, there is more water near the surface of the soil during the earth and water signs.  The soil is more fertile, more able to nourish seeds and plants.

Scorpio2.jpg    Scorpio.svg  I don't want to disappoint you, but you won't find me getting into how the signs of the Zodiac affect personalities, etc.  That's not my shtick.  Gotta go somewhere else for that!  

More to come on planting by the signs of the Moon...Stay tuned!  (Click "follow" ... if you can figure out how to do that!)

Friday, January 27, 2017

Dear Mystical Rose Herbals friends,
On tomorrow’s radio show  ( “Your Morning Tradition”) we discuss how to keep your skin healthy, glowing  and vibrant using herbs and elements from “God’s Pharmacy”.  It’s a subject that becomes especially relevant during the dry, winter months.  Hope you’ll tune in!
The show airs at least four times on a Saturday; 7:30 a.m.; 2:00 p.m.; 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. EST. 
Jean Pollock, HHP
Mystical Rose Herbals


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It's a cold and icy day. Have you been given a free day? Can you stay home and enjoy the cozy warmth of your living room today? What a puuurfect day for a de-tox regimen!
Today or whenever you need to take a day off, consider this:
You can get the awesome benefits of soaking in the Dead Sea with Therapeutic Dead Sea Bath Soaks from Mystical Rose Herbals!
We have devised a way to mimic a bath in the Dead Sea ... but we "kick it up a notch" by adding a big bag of selected herbs to upgrade your bath into a "body tea".
Begin to draw a nice, hot bath. Pour the whole container of Dead Sea Salt into the tub as it fills. Infuse the bag of herbs under the hot, running water. Meanwhile, brew yourself a cup of Berkshire Meadows Herbal Health Tea while you prepare your bath ... then, light a candle, put some Mozart on and treat yourself to a delightful and relaxing soak that will pull toxins from your body while restoring your Magnesium and electrolyte levels!
It's important to finish this special "you" time! Put on a warm robe and cozy up with a movie or a good book. Continue to relax for at least an hour; allowing yourself to fall asleep would be the best of all!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's a bitter cold day here in the Berkshires.  We've had our usual "January Thaw"; it rained for a few days straight and even was up in the 40's, but now we are back to more-normal 12-degree days, only, because it rained, all of the snow is gone and the brownness is exposed.  Just a few inches to "cover the ugly" would be nice!  (I'd even shovel as a trade for wanting the snow!)

I just listened to pre-recorded broadcast of my Mystical Rose Herbals show.  (It's weird to hear myself on the radio!)  Today we talked about the benefits of Vitamin C and, very importantly, the importance of getting a Vitamin C COMPLEX instead of just one isolated component, such as ascorbic acid.  Get your vitamin C in whole food form.  Berkshire Meadows Herbal Health Tea ( contains a plethora of food-source vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants.  It's kid-tested and delicious!  Make a pot and sip it throughout the day.  Your immune system will thank you by keeping illness at bay!  The show will air three more times today: 2:00; 4:30 and 6:00 EST.  I hope you can tune in!

Berkshire Meadows Herbal Health Tea "at the ready" to be bagged.
This tea is made in small batches, so don't wait to order!
Mystical Rose Herbals is a very small company, and all products are made by me,
Jean Pollock, Holistic Health Practitioner.
I don't usually have help, and, although I do my best to keep my products ready for orders, it is best to order before you run out so that in case you have to wait for your order, you won't go without!

This goes for all products, including Mystical Rose Herbals Face Cream, which is called, aptly, 
I just made a fresh batch this week (it's soooo nice!), so presumably I'll be all set for awhile, but it's still best to order before you are out.  "Maiden's Glow" is a unique formula that works wonders on your skin, literally lifting it from "drab" to giving it a "glow"! Here is what it looks like freshly-made.

Again, order before you run out and if you haven't had the pleasure of using it,
You'll love it, I promise.