Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's a bitter cold day here in the Berkshires.  We've had our usual "January Thaw"; it rained for a few days straight and even was up in the 40's, but now we are back to more-normal 12-degree days, only, because it rained, all of the snow is gone and the brownness is exposed.  Just a few inches to "cover the ugly" would be nice!  (I'd even shovel as a trade for wanting the snow!)

I just listened to pre-recorded broadcast of my Mystical Rose Herbals show.  (It's weird to hear myself on the radio!)  Today we talked about the benefits of Vitamin C and, very importantly, the importance of getting a Vitamin C COMPLEX instead of just one isolated component, such as ascorbic acid.  Get your vitamin C in whole food form.  Berkshire Meadows Herbal Health Tea ( contains a plethora of food-source vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants.  It's kid-tested and delicious!  Make a pot and sip it throughout the day.  Your immune system will thank you by keeping illness at bay!  The show will air three more times today: 2:00; 4:30 and 6:00 EST.  I hope you can tune in!

Berkshire Meadows Herbal Health Tea "at the ready" to be bagged.
This tea is made in small batches, so don't wait to order!
Mystical Rose Herbals is a very small company, and all products are made by me,
Jean Pollock, Holistic Health Practitioner.
I don't usually have help, and, although I do my best to keep my products ready for orders, it is best to order before you run out so that in case you have to wait for your order, you won't go without!

This goes for all products, including Mystical Rose Herbals Face Cream, which is called, aptly, 
I just made a fresh batch this week (it's soooo nice!), so presumably I'll be all set for awhile, but it's still best to order before you are out.  "Maiden's Glow" is a unique formula that works wonders on your skin, literally lifting it from "drab" to giving it a "glow"! Here is what it looks like freshly-made.

Again, order before you run out and if you haven't had the pleasure of using it,
You'll love it, I promise.

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