Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It's a cold and icy day. Have you been given a free day? Can you stay home and enjoy the cozy warmth of your living room today? What a puuurfect day for a de-tox regimen!
Today or whenever you need to take a day off, consider this:
You can get the awesome benefits of soaking in the Dead Sea with Therapeutic Dead Sea Bath Soaks from Mystical Rose Herbals!
We have devised a way to mimic a bath in the Dead Sea ... but we "kick it up a notch" by adding a big bag of selected herbs to upgrade your bath into a "body tea".
Begin to draw a nice, hot bath. Pour the whole container of Dead Sea Salt into the tub as it fills. Infuse the bag of herbs under the hot, running water. Meanwhile, brew yourself a cup of Berkshire Meadows Herbal Health Tea while you prepare your bath ... then, light a candle, put some Mozart on and treat yourself to a delightful and relaxing soak that will pull toxins from your body while restoring your Magnesium and electrolyte levels!
It's important to finish this special "you" time! Put on a warm robe and cozy up with a movie or a good book. Continue to relax for at least an hour; allowing yourself to fall asleep would be the best of all!

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